By Thom

Thom Hogan's site has extensive information about Nikon photographic equipment, as well as books on Nikon equipment.

  B&H Photo

The professional's source for cameras, lenses, and photographic equipment.  Competitive pricing,  and reliable service.      

 Bird Photographers.Net 

Some of the best bird, nature and wildlife photography you will find anywhere. Sponsored by legendary bird photographer, Arthur Morris.

 Digital Photography Review

DPR is a great  independent resource providing excellent  news, reviews, and information about digital cameras and digital photography.


Fred has great custom software plug-ins and actions  for processing Canon & Nikon digital images, plus interesting product reviews.

 The Luminous Landscape

Michael Reichmann's site is devoted to the art of landscape & nature photography.  Great product reviews, articles, & tutorials.

 N A N P A 

The North American Nature Photography Assn.  fosters ethical conduct, and promotes nature photography as an art form.

 The Nature Conservancy  

Preserving the diversity of life on earth by protecting  the land & water it needs to survive.   Saving the last great places on earth.

Nature Scapes

A nature photography resource.  Great  reviews, articles,  and tips.  Some of the best nature & wildlife photography you will find anywhere.

 Photography Colleges

An excellent resource on photography schools, photography degrees, photography careers, and the photography industry.

Wildlife Research Photography

Moose Peterson, California's  top endangered species wildlife photographer,  shares a wealth of information  with visitors.