Spirit of the Fox

Images from Griffin Mountain

Ron Day 2013

Ron photographed a family of young red foxes for nearly eight months as they were growing up in the woods on Griffin Mountain.  From the time they left the birthing den until they reached sexual maturity, Ron was in the woods with his camera early each morning striving to capture those magical moments that reveal the very essence of the animal - the Spirit of the Fox.

The standard of images Ron attained exceeded expectations and led to the development of an extraordinary book - one that not only tells an enchanting story but also allows us to view individual  kits in the wild and watch them grow into handsome mature foxes.  

The book, Spirit of the Fox - Images from Griffin Mountain, presents over 190 of Ron's finest photographs, and includes rare behavioral scenes, peak-action shots, and intimate portraits.  In addition, facts about the red fox and some useful photography tips are provided.

Spirit of the Fox is an e-book in PDF format.  It is laid out in the style of a coffee-table book, having 228 facing pages and more than 65 images displayed individually in two-page spreads.  Image quality is excellent, intricate detail is visible, and images in the e-book can be enlarged to examine features more closely when desired.  

The PDF file is approximately 20MB, and it may be downloaded immediately upon purchase.  The price is $7.95 US dollars.  PayPal securely processes payments for Ron Day Photography.

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